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  • Completely gear driven
  • Baroness Front Attachments
The Baroness LM56 Greens Mower is more than a mower, it is a greens management tool. This all gear driven mower comes equipped with three front attachments that will allow the standing up of the leaf blade, de-thatch and remove dead leaf material with virtually no surface disruption and work the topdressing into the profile.
  • Groomer Assembly
LM56 Grooming unit has a total of 78 blades that are 0.020" in thickness. LM66 unit has a total of 92.
Baroness offers you a groomer that performs, and is extremely reliable and efficient. With regular Grooming, you will be able to lower the temperature of the putting green which will help to reduce stress.
  • De-Thatching Assembly
LM56 De-Thatching unit has a total of 39 blades that are 0.040" in thickness. LM66 unit has a total of 46.
The Baroness De-Thatching attachment gives the Golf Course Superintendent the ability to, De-thatch and Mow at the same time and turning a two person job into a one person job.
  • Independent Grass Catcher Assembly
• Provides a truly consistent cut height.
• Allows you to get a fixed head cut, yet follow the contour like a floating head unit.
• Reduces the down pressures caused by grass clippings on the front roller.
  • Gear driven differential
  • The Baroness Reel Cutter is a work of art and the only hand assembled reel in the industry.
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LM56 Base Unit, 11 Blade Reel, 4.5 Subaru Engine, LED Light Kit, High/Low Clip Frequency Transportation Tires

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Product Description


Looking for the finest green's mower in the industry!

  • Cut greens to a consistent uniform height

Expertly engineered with a cutting reel that easily follows the contour of the greens

More than a green's mower- when used with attachments it becomes a tremendous grooming tool.

Features an easily adjustable tournament blade that allows smooth incremental cutting down to .08 of an inch

Completely gear driven; easy to maintain and simply more durable than mowers with chains or belts

This mower is the right choice

Available in three sizes - the LM18G with an 18 inch cutting width, the LM56 with a 22 inch cutting width and the LM66 with a 26 inch cutting width.


Top Choice rated by operators

Base Unit comes standarded with Light Kit, Transportation Tires, Hi/Low Frequency Clip, & Hour Meter

Product Videos

Baroness Walk Behind Greens Mower.m4v (08:05)
Video introduction of Baroness Walk Behind Mower LM18G/LM56G/LM66T. For more information please visit www.baroness.us
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